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New Path Recovery

A new path for recovery management services.

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Addiction Treatment

New Path Recovery, located in Youngstown Ohio, offers the highest levels of care for detoxification and substance abuse management services. Drug and alcohol treatment is a challenging and complex process and no single treatment is perfect for everyone. Our individualized treatment plans create individual protocols that include medical detoxification, counseling, and a wide range of holistic therapy activities. We commit to providing our clients with individualized care to achieve life-long recovery.


We create an individualized treatment plan for each client based on his/her needs and an understanding of how they envision their path to recovery.

Drug Recovery


Drug dependency can happen to anyone. If you are turning to drugs to get through your day, it is time to end the pain and get help. Receive excellent opiate recovery management services and get your life back.


Alcohol Recovery


If you are finding you need alcohol just to feel normal and it is interfering with your relationships, work/school, and life it is time to get treatment. New Path is here to help you get control of your life again.


Medical Detox


Detoxification is essential to beginning your recovery. We will compassionately guide you through the detox process, minimize the pain and discomfort of withdrawal, and explore those issues that led to your substance abuse.



Comprehensive Addiction Treatment emphasizes on care for the whole person, ensuring every need of the client is met. We treat the person, just not the symptoms. In a safe, secure, compassionate environment, our experienced team works together to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This comprehensive approach is the most effective way to treat addiction and give each client the power to fully recover and live a balanced, healthy life.

Advantages of Choosing New Path Recovery

New Path will help you detox and safely manage your withdrawal symptoms while addressing the root cause of your addiction.


Accepting Ohio and West Virginia Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans.


“Grateful to be alive, this place saved my life, thank you all, not one staff member was not caring or pleasant.”

“I appreciated everyone here and how they treated us. Loved every second, and so thankful for them.”

“A huge thank you to everyone at new Path Recovery, I really mean it when I say you’ve saved me from this horrid addiction. God bless you all.”

“Everyone was extremely nice and very caring, they all helped me a lot and each sat down and had individual conversations with me. I really enjoyed my stay here and will definitely be coming back but only for a visit this time.”